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"Now we have got so many students and so many temples but I am fearful that if we expand too much in this way that we shall become weakened and gradually the whole thing will become lost. Just like milk. We may thin it more and more with water for cheating the customer, but in the end it will cease to be any longer milk. Better to boil the milk now very vigorously and make it thick and sweet, that is the best process. So let us concentrate on training our devotees very thoroughly in the knowledge of Krishna Consciousness from our books, from tapes, by discussing always, and in so many ways instruct them in the right propositions." - Srila Prabhupada's letter June 22, 1972

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09 Oct 2014 to 06 Nov 2014 - Fourth Month of Caturmasya

Fourth Month of CaturmasyaFourth month: No mustard oil or sesame seeds.

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09 Oct 2014 to 06 Nov 2014 - Damodara Masa

Damodara Masa BeginsThe month of Damodara. Throughout this month, devotees commemorate the pastime of naughty Lord Krsna’s being bound with ropes by mother Yasoda. Devotees offer lamps daily.

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27 Oct 2014 - Disappearance Day of Srila Prabhupada

Srila PrabhupadaSrila Prabhupada left this world on November 14, 1977, in Vrndavana, India. Devotees observe this anniversary with personal remembrances of Srila Prabhupada, readings from his biography, and so on.

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Gopinath Sevaks ($51+) August

Rajesh Lamba
Parasram ramdeo
Sudip Chakrabarty
Abhay Deshmukh
Hansa hladini lavji-patel
Jay Nair 
Sandip bhatt
Chintan Modha
Dr Vivek

Radharani Sevaks ($25+)August

VishnuVandana Mudunuri
Prashant Deshmukh 
C Deshpande
Janis Puhalskis
Kieran Gandy
Pramod Dakka 
Bharani Govindasamy
Vishnu Vandana Mudunuri
Dhimant Patel
Srivatsan Parthasarathy
Kandakatla Naveen

Gauranga Sevaks ($11+) August

M L Thomas
Carissa Cranmer
Sumeet Razdan
Ashwani Kaul
Vikram Kaku
Ashish Patel
Srinivas Bhat
Vijay patel
Dnyanesh Mijagiri
Hassan Narasimhan
DK Gurung
Anil Kumar Kushwaha
Arun Kumar Sevakule
Robert connolly
Geetanjali Nath
Shrawan Surender
Aditi Sharma
Asmita Halai
Marina Hansen Russo
Sunkara Rajasekhar Rao
Girishkumar Patel
Sandhya Maheshwari
Ramannadar Radhakrishnan
Hrishikesh Shinde
Prutha Desai
Iskcon of Tallahassee
Siddharth Joshi
Sandeep Joshi
Lauren Cross
Rama Prasada Reddy
Aruna Rao-Beg
Vineeth Gopinath
Mitu Nayak

Nityananda Sevaks ($5+) August

Charles Lamkin
Walter Víctor Irazoqui Turletti 
Vijay Anja 
Aditya Kaki 
Kamalini Darling
Yogesh patel 
Shirvan Ramjit
Anant Saraogi
Sravan pillarisetty
Devikiran Shetty
Suraj Rungta
Richard Boyden
Kamal Rai
Chandan Bhatia
APD Solutions  
Vineeth Gopinath
Manish Negi 
Chen Zoey
Venkatakrishna Thanneeru
Sripada Sripada
Sajeev Nair
Naga Paladugu
Tanmoy Choudhury 
Sunil Ramayanam
Jyothi Swaroop Samayamantula
Arnika Trinkaite
Rahul Khare
Lelihana Pillai
Arvind Balasubramaniam
Mani Shankar
Anna Eck

Srila Prabhupada Sevak (one time)

SriKanta Acharya
Pritesh Pandit
Bhaktivedanta College
Vesna Zinaic 
Rudolph Cooper
Gurudev sirsi 
Natalia Jung
Nicholas Williams (Jahnava Mataji)
Arun Kumar Kohli (Arjunanath)
Lalit Madhav
Bonnie Hamdi
Lelihana Pillai
John Gross
Jason Wiley
Shilpi Baruah
Krishna paramananda dasa
Gourik chandra Goswami


We are 12 YEARS old NOT FOR PROFIT organisation running 56+ WEBSITES

An Appeal

For last 12 years we are trying to spread Krishna consciousness worldwide through internet technology.

We are a team of 22 devotees. None of us is a techie but we are trying our best to learn so that we can serve the mission better.

We keep trying new things & work as hard as possible to reach Mahaprabhu's message to every town & village.

So far we have been receiving very encouraging response. Daily we get 7000+ unique visitors, 2000+ audio downloads & 500+ hours of videos watched. We have 20,000+ signed up members and 10,000+ YouTube subscribers. Humbly we can state that by grace of Lord Krishna and vaishnavas we are largest organization in ISKCON engaged on internet. And all our services are totally FREE!

We run the expenses from our pocket because we are convinced that there is a huge potential to assist Srila Prabhupada's mission.

However if we have to maintain & grow, we need more skilled full-time devotees & more electronic hardware.

We have stretched our own resources. Our monthly budget on average is $ 5000 or approximately Rs.300,000. We get some donation from individuals that at best covers 25 % of our monthly budget.

We need more funds. We need your help!

A small act of kindness can make a big difference. We welcome all donations, no matter how small (or large!). Donate & help us change lives!

Together we can transform people and societies by spreading the message of Lord Krishna’s love. For more details, write to

Your servant in Sri Mahaprabhu's movement of mercy & bliss

Vaishnava seva dasa

Illuminate your heart this Diwali

Recipe - Cabbage Muthia

Don’t just read the Gita – heed the Gita by Chaitanya Charan Das

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