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importance of chanting harinaam

how to increase interest in chanting, is chintan and Sarvan about lord is as same as chanting??

Started by Siddhesh Patankar in KrishnaLatest Reply

architectural help for temple construction

HAREKRSNA ALL GLORIES TO SRILA PRABHUPADA. MY OBEISANCES TO ALL. We are going to construct a magnificent temple for RADHAGOVINDA in our tem…

Started by nirmalya prasad das in KrishnaLatest Reply

Required one Mataji for my Company

Hare Krishna....I am running my own event Management Company. I require one Mataji in the age group of 20-25 years, good in speaking Englis…

Started by Sameer Rastogi in WealthLatest Reply

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My manager insults me. Should I retaliate or tolerate?

Hare Krsna! Glories to Srila Prabhupada Ji. I am an educated engineer in my 30s. My new manager at work constantly belittles and insults me…

Started by Krsna_Devotee in Vaishnava Ettiquetes

5 6 hours ago
Reply by Faith (particleofdust)

Why did God create us spirit souls or part and parcels in the first place?

Humble pranaamas to all. Hare Krishna Someone had asked me the following question- Why did God create us spirit souls or part and parcels…

Started by Sanjiv Pillai in Preaching

14 8 hours ago
Reply by Sanjiv Pillai


Book Distribution - Why is it so important especially in Kali Yuga

Hare Krsna, There are plenty of great quotes and stories and images etc in the web site below:

Started by Jay Krishnan Ramasawmy in Book Distribution

0 9 hours ago

overcoming by chantting

hare krsna dandvat parnam to all devotees. pamho... agtsp . ... i want to ask a question on behalf of my classmate....... can by chantting…

Started by prince in Krishna

0 10 hours ago

Hare Krishna, Come November and I will be in my Sade Sati. Please suggest how to retain Krishna Consciousness if Im an insignificant believer in Krishna.

 Please suggest how to retain Krishna Consciousness if Im an insignificant believer in Krishna. Hari bola.

Started by Pratap Pattanayak in Krishna

5 14 hours ago
Reply by adam steinberg

Intoxicants and Krsna Consciousness

I am here to ashamedly pronounce that I am under the influence of Cannabis and participate in my spiritual education into Krsna Consciousne…

Started by M. Stark in Krishna

3 15 hours ago
Reply by Pratap Pattanayak

bad thoughts

Al glories to srila prabhupad  hare krsna to all devotees one of my devotee friend has cheated another devotee friend and she has suggested…

Started by shilpa in Krishna

3 17 hours ago
Reply by Pratap Pattanayak


hare krsna!!!!!!!! PAMHO!!!!! 1) why there is an obstacle in krsna conscious 2) how to become a sincere devotee 3) how to make our parents…

Started by Sumeet Sunil Utekar in Krishna

6 23 hours ago
Reply by Sumeet Sunil Utekar

Should we Worship & take Prasadam of Lord shiva & Durga Devi since they Are Great Devotees of the Lord.

Hare Krishna,PAMHO Many times we face with this situation in our sadhana and if we Dont Honor Prasad of Demigods ,People get a Bad idea Abo…

Started by Bhanu Kiran in Sadhana

2 yesterday
Reply by Bhaktin Maral

Which Temples have a strict "dress code"?

I heard about a lady who went to an ISKCON Temple for Mongal Arotik. She was not wearing a sari and was told that she couldn't attend Monga…

Started by Pandora Hinson in Krishna

16 yesterday
Reply by Bhaktin Maral


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