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What if you were a president?

Hare Krishna To All! All Glories to Lord Gauranga, Srila Prabhupada And All in The Line of Devotion. Lets say - you are a pure devotee of L…

Started by Krishna Das in KrishnaLatest Reply

Difficulty: I Cannot Find Krishna

Difficulty: I Cannot Find Krishna I have been chanting 16 rounds as advised by you. Here are my observations and deductions. Please shed s…

Started by sanjay krishna panda in UncategorizedLatest Reply

i have a question and need an unbiased answer

Hari Bol I have a question and need an unbiased and clear answer plz if anyone could as this will affect life either in positive way or in…

Started by priya kamboj in KrishnaLatest Reply

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 Pranam.....Hare Krishna.....please give some suggestions on how to curb inattentiveness while chanting..... JAI JAGANNATH 

Started by dhameshvari devi dasi in Japa

0 11 minutes ago

If some senior behave harshly?......What to do.........? Please advise......

Hare Krishna Prabhuji / Mataji, Please Accept my humble obeisance, All Glories to Srila Prabhupad, All Glories to bhakta vrind, All Glories…

Started by Pragnesh Chauhan in Personal

4 3 hours ago
Reply by Pragnesh Chauhan

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Hare Krishna! I want to ask a question. Is there any scriptural proof that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is an incarnation of Lord Krishna?.....His…

Started by Gaurab Subedi in Krishna

7 7 hours ago
Reply by Rishabh Verma

Offering food to Krishna

Hare Krishna, We offer food to Krishna and we say some prayers just one time or we need to repeat 3 times everything? What we need to thi…

Started by Monica MeeraBai in Prasadam

4 8 hours ago
Reply by Monica MeeraBai

Devotees in US-California-Glendale

HareKrishna ! AGTSP. Are there any devotees in Glendale City of California ? I have moved here from India last month, Visited ISKCON LA l…

Started by Prabhat Sharma in ISKCON

0 8 hours ago

Housing somewhere close to ISKCON temple in Bangalore

Hare Krishna! I plan to move to Bangalore and look for a job. I can live in a hotel when I move to Bangalore initially but hotels cost more…

Started by Anuj Verma in Krishna

1 12 hours ago
Reply by Pratap Pattanayak

Need a house in rent near Chennai Iskcon

Hare Krishna. Im joining Chennai TCS from next week. Looking for a flat on rent near to Chennai Iskcon such that my KC will be intact. I ca…

Started by Pratap Pattanayak in Krishna

4 12 hours ago
Reply by Pratap Pattanayak

What should devotees do, if World War III breaks out

Hare Krishna, Dandavat !! Current global politics is going through a topsy-turvy curve.  Against all expectations, the past 12 months has…

Started by Rishi in Krishna

7 12 hours ago
Reply by Pratap Pattanayak

Our Role in Goloka.....

Hare Krishna to all devotees, Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.   One of my devotee friend told me that w…

Started by Amit in Krishna

14 13 hours ago
Reply by krishna dasi

Learning to cook

Hare Krishna, i would like to learn to cook indian food, but i'm getting lost with so many spices that we here ( Portugal) some of them i…

Started by Monica MeeraBai in Prasadam

5 18 hours ago
Reply by Monica MeeraBai


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