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Vanipedia IT Development - Preparing for the next big Sankirtan Party

Hare Krishna dear all, Vanipedia has taken up the task of building an online Encyclopedia for Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings. 2015 will be th…

Started by Arnab Sinha in WebsitesLatest Reply

Need practical advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians

Hare Krishna! I need 'practical' advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians, if there is any. Especially if they are in a family. Pleas…

Started by Aarti S in Family LifeLatest Reply

devotees in the Netherlands

Haribol, I will move to the Netherlands soon. Can somebody help me to contact devotees living there? I know there is a strong Indian Commun…

Started by Patricia in KrishnaLatest Reply

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Why we wanted to enjoy independently of Krishna?

Hare Krishna To All, All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Lord Gauranga, and all in the line of devotion. I have a question which always puzzle…

Started by Karan in Krishna

4 14 minutes ago
Reply by umang

Where did the soul comes from?

The Book 'Jaiva Dharma' helps us to understand the real dharma of the Jiva or the constitutional function of the living being. From externa…

Started by brajsunderdas in Krishna

0 2 hours ago

Rooms for Rent in Rugby

Hi I have rooms for rent for rent in Rugby, UK please call me on 07429372249 Hitesh Hare krishna,

Started by Hitesh Makwana in Krishna

1 7 hours ago
Reply by srinivasan jambunathan


hare krsna, i was asked by a devotee friend and my curiosity is that did buddha followed krsna his teaching says not to do b…

Started by abijeet in Krishna

12 9 hours ago
Reply by adam steinberg

Sacred Ambrosia of Scriptural Harikathā – Pt. 10 – (A message from the Secretary of Bhakti Rasa Vedānta Foundation - Bhārata).

For relishing and penetrating into the following latest philosophically enriched and scholarly essay authored by Caitanya-sampradāyī Śrīmad…

Started by Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari in Preaching

0 10 hours ago

the glories of chanting the holy name of lord Hari

yesterday I received in my inbox the sweetest message ''Sorrow can be avoided by Chanting The root cause of sorrow is our attachment to var…

Started by Ratikala devi dasi in Krishna

0 10 hours ago

How can a wife conquer the heart of her husband?

sukanyā cyavanaḿ prāpya  patiḿ parama-kopanam  prīṇayām āsa citta-jñā  apramattānuvṛttibhiḥ    TRANSLATION: Cyavana Muni was very irri…

Started by brajsunderdas in Family Life

7 10 hours ago
Reply by Jagadatma das

Scriptures before Vyasa Deva

Hare Krishna to one and all. This question was asked to me by my friend and I was quite taken aback. He said "Puranas , mahabarata and all…

Started by kandrika venkat aditya sarma in Scriptures

2 12 hours ago
Reply by Rashmi Khaitan

Discussion on Shiv puran

One of my close friends was arguing with me about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. We are from Gujarat, so he was saying that Narshi Mehta & Meera…

Started by Kishan patel in Krishna

0 13 hours ago

Book distribution

Hare Krishna All Devottees, I am live in Punjab, yesterday i have iskcon book stall opposite mandir, i distribute the books but all the peo…

Started by Rakesh in Krishna

4 13 hours ago
Reply by Rakesh


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