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Can a yogi transport a devotee from his physical body to the spiritual world at will?

I understand that some most yogi's can choose the time and the place to leave their bodies. Can they do this to other people as well? Let's…

Started by Eddy AbolhosnLatest Reply

Are the varnas decided as per natural human ability

Jai Sri Krishna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Dear devotees, I have this doubt regarding the varna system because I believe for a sta…

Started by Siddhant DubeyLatest Reply

Studying is devotional service?

Hare Krishna! For a student, is doing well at college devotional service? If so, how?

Started by Darshan MohanLatest Reply

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Why Śukadeva Gosvāmī kept Radha Rani's name hidden?

 Hare Krishna to all! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!   I would humbly want to know the following questions: - Why Srimati Radha Rani's na…

Started by Amal

14 18 minutes ago
Reply by Zola Preetam

who is maya. who created it and whats its puprose?

HARE KRISHNA, hare krishna to all my dear devotees. m sorry if i hurt any of my devotee sentiments. who is maya ? is material world maya…


2 33 minutes ago
Reply by Saksham anand

Vibhāva v/s Anubhāva,

what is the underlying difference in these two categories ,which is more melodious??


1 2 hours ago
Reply by Zola Preetam

Misconception about Me

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis :) So, I came back after a long time, just to check whats happening in this forum and I really felt happ…

Started by Subash Anjuru

2 3 hours ago
Reply by Subash Anjuru

Final Message of Lord Krishna !!!!!

Final Message of Lord Krishna The concluding chapter of the Gita begins by Arjuna most important concepts in Vedanta – Renunciation and res…


2 8 hours ago
Reply by dean

Sri Nrsingadeva oil

Hare Krishna, I did found recently the Oil of Sri Nrsingadeva. Can anyone talk to mystical powers, what is the importance to use it? Than…

Started by Monica MeeraBai

2 10 hours ago
Reply by Monica MeeraBai

How did Lord Krishna's voice sound like ?

Was His voice thin or thick ? Is there any reference about His voice in any Vedic iterature ? Yes, He is the Supreme, and He is complete…

Started by Amrit Shirodkar

0 17 hours ago

Transition from Dwapara yuga to Kali yuga

Is there any detailed description in the scriptures of how the transition took place from Dwapara yuga to Kali yuga ?Did some major changes…

Started by H Mathur

5 22 hours ago
Reply by dean

Handle peer pressure at workplace

I have been working in the IT industry for around 8 years now.I have switched companies in between. My profession requires me to constantly…

Started by H Mathur

5 yesterday
Reply by H Mathur

Love needs reciprocation

Hare Krishna All, PAMHO, AGTSP!  We love our mother,father,son,lover etc. and develops through reciprocation and involves senses. Where as…

Started by aakash menon

7 yesterday
Reply by dean


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