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morning sadhana

hare krsna to all devotees. how important is morning sadhana in the devotees life.

Started by shilpaLatest Reply

Perception of Women in the Scriptures

Hare Krishna, Pls forgive me for the below question. I ask this question not out of Ego but purely to clarify my doubts Certain texts in…

Started by Karishma IyerLatest Reply

Who is Sri Isopanisad?

Hare Krsna dear great devotees My dandvat pranam to you. When i began reading Sri Isopanisad I thought that it was a scripture but when i b…

Started by Romit KelkarLatest Reply

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What does the chariot represent?

relating to my first discussion, I also would like to know the following: what does the chariot represents? Wheels, Arjuna Krishna Horses T…

Started by Radhey Shyam Devi Dasi

5 16 hours ago
Reply by Subash Anjuru

Fourteen years exile?

Hare Krishna. request any one to tell me why pandavas & Lord Ram were sent to 14 years exile & why not any other number of years? l…

Started by Siddhartha

11 Oct 21
Reply by Somayaji

What is the need for Krishna to take avatar if Nature's Law karma can take care of everything?

Hare Krishna Pamho! all glories to srila Prabhupada Lord says in the Gita, he incarnates whenever there's adharma is at its peak, but woul…

Started by Ashwin Balaganeshan

6 Oct 6
Reply by Ashwin Balaganeshan


Is Tulsi das's mayavada writings mentioned anywhere?

Dear devotees,  Hare Krishna.  I have never read Ramcaitmanas so I cannot comment on it. I have heard many of you say in the forums here it…

Started by Jagadatma das

11 Sep 18
Reply by Chirag Sharma

Audio Books vs Books???

Hare Krishna Prabhuji ! I have a question Prabhu. Can I listen to Audio Books of Srila Prabhupada or spoken by devotees like Amal Bhakta o…

Started by Girish Sharma

1 Sep 16
Reply by Rashmi Khaitan

How to verify the authenticity of a Vedic literature ?

Vedic literature constitutes of four Vedas, 108 Upanishads, Itihasas like Mahabharat & Ramayan, 18 Puranas, Smrities etc. We learn abou…

Started by Veeral Gandhi

12 Sep 6
Reply by Veeral Gandhi

Vedabase Android version

Hari Bol,   I am looking for Vedabase for Android phones. One Prabhuji from US said that it's available on the vedabase website but I could…

Started by Neeraj

14 Sep 3
Reply by ranjit

Are Agamas a part of Vedic literatures ? Please answer this on the basis of scriptures.

Somewhere on the net I have come across an article that says that Agamas are a part of Vedic literatures and there are three types of Agama…

Started by Veeral Gandhi

2 Sep 2
Reply by Veeral Gandhi

Scriptures before Vyasa Deva

Hare Krishna to one and all. This question was asked to me by my friend and I was quite taken aback. He said "Puranas , mahabarata and all…

Started by kandrika venkat aditya sarma

5 Aug 27
Reply by Veerendra Ekbote


Why We Do Not Refer To Tulsi Ramayan ?

Hare Krsna , All Glories To Srila Prabhupada , I bought a very old book on Ram-Charit-Manas , i think this is the very best translation wo…

Started by Ashwani Kumar

10 Aug 15
Reply by Vishal Gupta


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