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Pranam. My friend, who is a devotee is pregnant for two months.Her husband who is alsoa devotee is asking her to just abort the baby as they are not so strong financially.He family does not encourage her anyway but she doesnt want to perform this sinful act.her husband, who is supposed to be a bhakti sastri graduate, a brahman initiated devotee for the past 17 years claims that is not sinful o kill the embryo when it is only 2 months old. Well, Srila Prabhupada said it clearly that once a woman gets pregnant, the child is already born...

No matter in what stage, killing is killing... But he seems to argue that it is okay to abort the baby..this is similar to what some foolish people say that egg is actually vegetarian and can be eaten since the chicken is not formed yet..

What makes me jump is...he is a devotee....

Please help can i explain to this person in a way that he will never ever think again about abortion in his life...i really feel bad for the mataji...... how shall i encourage her?


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