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Hare Krsna

Can you please help me with the address of the Iskon mandir in Dubai? I would be shifting base and am eager to continue the association

Hare Krsna

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There is a big iskcon congregation in dubai. You can contact Nityanand Prasad on his mobile 0509400315 / 0507092217 and he will give you all the details of the same. they have Bhagwad gita classes etc etc.

Please let me know if those numbers are no longer correct.

Haribol! Will check the numbers and let you know Shravan Prabhu.

Prabhu the numbers work - Hari bol!


Check this site: for more phone numbers to contact.

For Sankirtana

Contact Bhakta Saravana Kumar 055 7285725

Looks like you will have some great Kirtans in ISKCON Dubai (Damodardesh)

iskcon dubai(Damodardesh) punjabi & bengali style kirtan by Haridas prabhu:

Check it out...
Haribol, Look forward to it.
Can u help me to purchase a laptop from dubai and send to jaipur
pls provide email id

Hari bol

if i will hav a laptop than i always make some work for Srila prabhu pad and my work also. I will giv the 50% to our twmple in jaipur(hare krsna temple). 

all people cannot becom brahmchari.

i choose the sudra line becas i hav 2 lac rupees loan, if u will help me than my loan will not increse more and i can esily donate 50% of my income and my mind will also become peaceful to do chanting 16 round. my loan is going high becas of instrest. And this is the resone of my distrubance that how will i giv 50% To temple and maintain my body. this whole thing about donationy so called family does not know. 

i m in to much tension.

pls help me otherwise i have to live temple to earn more

in dubai prices are less and when i devote take it to india without custom duty. then it will morevcheaper.

pls help me prabhu

hare krsna!!!


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Hare Krishna!

You are doing a great thing by giving people the knowledge. And thanks to your work. I am in Russia, I can have darshan of the Deities, watch online broadcast from the temple. So I want you to continue to disseminate the mission of  Lord Caitanya.   Also I want to be involved in the project of HH Radhanath Swami.  And I'll donate. Thank you.

Irina, Russia


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