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Sabudana Upma

Sabudana Upma
Anand Lila devi dasi

•1½ C sabudana
•¼ C ghee
•1 Tsp cumin seeds
•7-8 fresh curry leaves
•1 hot green chili, chopped
•¼ Tsp ekadashi hing
•1½ C potatoes, boiled and cut coarsely
•½ C coarsely powdered roasted peanuts
•1 Tbsp freshly shredded coconut
•1¼ Tsp salt
•1 Tsp sugar
1.Wash the sabudana with water and drain. Pour water until it just reaches the surface of the sabudana. Leave for 6 hours to soak.
2.Heat ghee in a pan over moderate heat, add cumin seeds and when they darken a few shades, add curry leaves, green chili and sprinkle hing. Add the sabudana and combine well with the spices. Cover and cook over very low heat until the sabudana is soft.
3.Add the potatoes, peanuts, coconut, salt and sugar. Cover and cook over low heat for another 7-8 minutes.
** Sabudana can be bought from an Indian grocery store. It being a non-grain ingredient can be cooked on ekadashi fasting days.

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