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Patita Pavana (पतित पावन) Part - 3

jaganath's Mercy on a Muslim Poet...


Bhakt Salabega

Salabega was born of a Muslim King and a Hindu mother in the first decade of the 17th century. He (Salabega) occupies a prominent position among the devotional poets of Orissa and a great devotee of Lord of the Universe Jagannatha.  His father Lalbeg, on one of his military excursions came across a young widowed brahmana girl taking bath. Fascinated by her youthful beauty, Lalbeg forcibly took her away and made her his wife. Salabega was their son. As soon as he was old enough, Salabega took up fighting in his fathers campaigns. Onece he was severely wounded in battele. Accepting the advice of his mother, he chanted the holy name of Lord Jagannatha and was gradually cured. Feeling greatly indebted to Lord Jagannatha he went to Puri, but was refused entrance into the temple of Jagannath due to his Muslim birth. Thereafter he went on foot to Vrindavan wherein he lived the life of an ascetic in the association of Vaishnavas reciting bhajans in honor of Lord Sri Krishna. After one year in Vraja he returned to puri desiring to see the Ratha-Yatra (the cart Festival) of Lord Jagannath, but on the way he suddenly fell ill. Felling helpless and realizing that he would not reach Puri in time to witness the Rath-Yatra festival, he offered prayers to Lord Jagannath petitioning Him to wait until he arrived.

जगबन्धु हे गोसाईं

तुम्भ श्री चरण विनु अन्य गति नहीं ||


सातश पचाश कोश चली न पारइ  

मोह जिबाजाएँ नंदीघोषे थीबरही ||


Translation :      

O my Lord, friend of the whole world, there is no destination but Your Lotus Feet.

It is very difficult to walk the 750 Kosas (One Kosa equals two miles) to see you. You please  remain on Nandighosa until then.


On the day of the return Cart festival (Bahuda Yatra). Nandighosa, the cart of Lord Jagannatha did not move until Salabega’s arrival. The place where the cart remained stationary to give darsana to Salabega was later used by Salabega for composing his many bhajans in honor of Lord Jagannath. His body was cremated there after his death.

The Samadhi of this great devotee is still standing on the Grand road in Puri and his bhajans will be forever sang and remembered by the devotees of Lord Jagannatha.





Jay Jagannath...

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Comment by Pragati Misra on May 5, 2011 at 8:58pm
Jai Jagannath..HariBol

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