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So this Krsna consciousness movement means nothing..., everything is there; it has to be purified by diverting the same thing for Krsna. Just like we have got feelings for raising children, attachment. That is attachment. So what Mother Yasoda is doing? She is attached to Krsna, and that is Vrndavana. The same thing in otherwise... Vrndavana life means all attachment to Krsna. Mother Yasoda is attached to Krsna, Nanda Maharaja is attached to Krsna, the cowherd boys are attached to Krsna, the calfs and cows are attached to Krsna, Radharani is attached to Krsna, the trees are attached to Krsna, the flowers are attached to Krsna, the water is attached to Krsna... That is Vrndavana. Vrndavana means the central attachment is Krsna. That is Vrndavana. So if you can create that central attachment for Krsna, then it is Vrn... Then you can create Vrndavana anywhere -- any family, any society, any country. Just make the point of attachment Krsna, and it is Vrndavana. That is required. That is Krsna consciousness movement.



By H.D.G. Srila Prabhupada

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