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We thank our ex-employees

Manobhiram Prabhu (Technical)
Rasa Priya devi dasi (Children content)
Bhaktin Megha (Graphic)
Bhakta Mahesh (Graphic)
Bhaktin Teja (Artist)
Bhaktin Khyati (Graphic)
Tulsi manjari mataji (Spiritual Content)
Bhaktin Sonali (Children content)
Bhakta Mrugesh (Animation)
Bhaka Nilesh(Blogs, uploads)
Bhakta Sidharth (Powerpoints)
Bhakta Shailesh (Graphics, video)
Hari Sankar Samantaray (Graphics -Comics)
Subhasish(Graphics – Comics)
Atul (Graphics – Comics)
Ashish (Graphics – Comics)
Bhaktin Abhilasha (Audio and Video)
Bhaktin Shanti Yadav (Webpublising)
Bhaktin Radhika (Webpublishing)
Bhakta Mani Bhushan (Programmer)
Bhakta Sandeep (Webpublishing)
Bhakta Sanjeev Pandey (Audio Studio)
Bhaktin Mallika (Webpublishing)
Bhaktin Komal (Webpublishing)

Sukishori Vishakha Devi Dasi (Audio editing)

Bhaktin Anu (Webpublishing)

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Why I donate to desire tree

Hare Krishna!

You are doing a great thing by giving people the knowledge. And thanks to your work. I am in Russia, I can have darshan of the Deities, watch online broadcast from the temple. So I want you to continue to disseminate the mission of  Lord Caitanya.   Also I want to be involved in the project of HH Radhanath Swami.  And I'll donate. Thank you.

Irina, Russia


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